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HOOF Race Ratings Has Moved
The site has been extensively re-designed and upgraded, and can now be found here.

Race Ratings for National Hunt Horse Racing
HOOF race ratings are designed for a statistics-grounded value approach to National Hunt horse racing in the UK. Unlike conventional race ratings, they offer the backer an authoritative guide to both form and value. The program which generates the ratings uses Bayes’ theorem to calculate each horse’s chance of winning. The resulting figures are then recalculated to give an edge in the backer’s favour. Hence the acronym: Horserace Optimum Odds Forecast.

National Hunt Race Ratings Free Data Resources - the HOOF Archive
Use the free downloadable archive data in spreadsheet-friendly text format to devise your own HOOF National Hunt race ratings systems.
For reasons of space, archive material for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons are published in the ’Files’ section of the HOOF discussion forum.

'The Punter's Revenge' Free Online
Selected chapters from the old classic ’The Punter’s Revenge’, which I co-authored in 1987,  are now available as an online resource in PDF for those interested in statistics and  statistical approaches to horse racing.  The book is very dated in places, but the statistical principles and methods that we advocated all those years ago, still hold.  For technical reasons, the PDF version is not available on this site, but can be accessed by joining the HOOF discussion Forum.

All About HOOF National Hunt Ratings
A fuller account of the theory and practice behind the ratings can be found here.

Free Two Week Trial
For a chance to see if the ratings will work for you write to:  freetrial - at - hoof - dot - demon - dot - co - dot - uk (replacing the words 'at' and 'dot'  with the appropriate characters).

The 2012-13 National Hunt season - How to Access the Ratings
Publication of the ratings will resume on 1st November 2012 and will continue until 30th April 2013 inclusive.
Click here for full details of subscription conditions and mode of publication.

Review of the 2010-11 Season
Review 2010-11

Review of the 2011-12 Season
Review 2011-12

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